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Au revoir Miss Snickers!

It is with great sadness we bid farewell to Ms. Snickers, our Children’s room visiting librarian. After a longer than anticipated stay with us, Ms. Snickers has been called back to her home at the Boxford Library. Originally, her stay was scheduled to be for 21 days, but problems with renovations at the Boxford Library extended her stay. While a member of the Dracut staff, Ms. Snicker’s engaged in public relations, encouraging children and adults to read “anything they could get their paws on”!

“She was great fun”, commented Diane Annunziato at Ms. Snicker’s farewell party. “She brought smiles to the entire staff, and her knowledge of children’s literature was second to none!” When news of Ms. Snicker’s departure was announced to the staff, it was decided that Ms. Snickers should be rewarded with a vacation from the harsh New England weather before returning to Boxford. Because rates are cheaper for Robo Hamsters, the staff was able to pool together the funds to send Ms. Snickers on and all expense paid Disney Cruise! Thankfully, she was able to fly out of Logan late Tuesday night before this last snow storm hit. Au revoir Miss Snickers! Thank You for all your help – and Good Luck back in Boxford – we’re sure the children missed you while you were gone! (We’ll miss you too!!!) Last we looked, she had already tweeted a picture of herself on the cruise and writes:

Snickers on a Disney Cruise

Having a splendid time! Thank you to everyone in Dracut!

Your Library Rocks – Use it!

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Librarian Shaming

We all have our dirty, embarrassing secrets. Dracut Librarians are no exception. Here are a few of our dirty librarian secrets.  The faces have been hidden to protect their professional reputations.









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Getting started in genealogy

You may have seen our post last week about our upcoming Genealogy Workshop on April 28th. (you can register here) We want you to start getting the feel for how easy it can be to trace your family roots. So this week we’re introducing you to The Genealogy Forum Beginner’s Center. There you can ask questions, download printable forms or post to the site’s message board. It’s a place to begin, and so are WE! Feel free to come to the library – ask questions and explore the resources we have that you probably didn’t even know existed!
Explore. Learn. Grow. Know. It’s what LIBRARY is all about!

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Summer Reading

You haven’t started your summer reading yet? What? You don’t have a library card? Oh, you don’t know where it is! Well, time to get a new one – you’ll need it to get those books you’ve been putting off reading or to use our public computers. Of course what you do with it after is up to you…

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National Library Workers Day!

April 13th is National Library Workers Day! Remember to say Thank You to your Librarian! Library workers aid people in a growing information age. Maybe you need a suggestion for a good book. Or perhaps your child is doing research and you need something on their grade level. Or maybe you need help using the online catalog, and museum pass reservation system. As libraries have changed, your Librarian has too. We now are directing you to databases online, offering basic computer classes, teaching you how to access audio book and ePub downloads…the list grows on! Your Librarians do much work behind the scenes to make your experience helpful, informational and hopefully, pleasant. Please remember us – because we’ll never forget You!

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