Get Ready for Summer!!!

A gentleman friend sent me this video. One of my library ‘assistants’ showed it to me and asked for a reaction. Frankly, I was appalled! I couldn’t believe what I was viewing! I’m always careful about what I eat. Not that burritos are bad for people – but I’m a hamster! Hamsters don’t eat burritos!  What if my children friends have a hamster friend of their own? I would hate for them to give their hamsters the wrong foods. I like setting a good example for the children who come in and say “Hello” to me. I love them! I want them see me eating my vegetables, (as they should do) and like any self-respecting hamster would do. Some would say I’m a vegan, I say,  I’m watching my health-line and my waistline. Darling, I want to fit into my bikini when it gets warm. So if you’re trying to get bikini ready too, or you just want to eat healthy, remember the library has all sorts of cookbooks on Paleo, Mediterranean, and Vegetarian diets so you can get started. After all summer will be here before we know it!

Speaking of which, I have to let you all in on a big secret! The staff have been working on plans for a big summer reading program! Now I don’t know all the details, but I’ve heard them throwing terms around like “Sparking a Reaction” and “Fizz, Boom” something or other! I believe it involves Literary Elements! I’ve heard terms like “Time Travel”, “Time Lord” and some mention about a doctor whom apparently is nameless. Now, forgive me, because, I’ve only heard bits and pieces. I had to sneak onto Amazon to buy a listening device so I can try and obtain more details for you! Just call me Ms. Snickers the Spy! *Giggle* So keep your eyes on this page – as soon as I can overhear more information, I’ll pass it along to you!


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