Mystery Science Theater 3000


Everyone can remember watching a truly awful movie. Many may even remember that movie being so terrible, they started to talk out loud, making fun of the dialogue, shoddy costumes, and overacting.  Have you ever wanted to hear what a group of brilliant comedians have to say about these travesties of the silver screen?  Look no further than “Mystery Science Theater 3000”!

The premise: a man on a space ship is forced to watch the most horrible movies ever, in order for evil scientists on Earth to study him.  The show’s theme song tells us that in an act of desperation, he uses parts on the ship to create robot friends who watch the movies along with him.  They continually yell out hilarious comments at the screen to keep their sanity. The result is some of the best “riffing” comedy to date (in this humble girl’s opinion).

This show started small, but was quickly picked up by Comedy Central where it ran for many years, and switched over to SciFi for another few seasons. In all, nearly 200 episodes of MST3K (its name for those very devoted fans) aired over more than 10 years.  A feature film was also released in 1996. You can find it here.

You can find many fantastic episodes here at the library. Why not take a gander at The Amazing Colossal Man…. It’s horrifying, hideous, it’s “The Amazing Colossal Man”, a Z-grade monstrosity unlike anything the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew has ever seen. Or how about Skydivers, in which our crew must first watch the 1950s educational short film “Why Study the Industrial Arts”. It’s improvised hilarity at its finest!

Join Joel, Mike, Gypsy, Tom Servo, Crooooow, and the evil scientists on Earth for laugh-out-loud quips and sketches.  This is a “night in at the movies” you don’t want to miss!


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