The Oncoming Storm: 50th Anniversary of “Doctor Who”

DoctorWhoOne cannot surf the internet, watch television, or visit a mall without stumbling upon a glimpse at the world of “Doctor Who”.  This show is now in its 50th year, nearly unprecedented in the world of television.  As a self-professed “Whovian”, I am delighted to let you in on a little secret: you need not pay a dime to experience the fascinating world of The Doctor.  It’s all right here at your public library!

First off, nearly the entire series featuring Doctors 1-8 (from its pilot episode in 1963 starring William Hartnell as “The First Doctor”) is available on DVD format through the MVLC.  From cavemen of the earliest days of humans on Earth, to the dreaded Daleks, you can enjoy almost 50 years of aired (and UNAIRED!) episodes.  Check out some of the original series here.

“Doctor Who” accelerated into popularity again in 2005 with the introduction of the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston.  New special effects, companions, and monsters came along, and the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, brought the show to new heights.  The Eleventh Doctor, played by relative newcomer Matt Smith, is now in his third season, and the show currently airs here in the States on BBC America.  You can see all seven of these new seasons through us by clicking this link.

TV on DVD is not all the “Doctor Who” your library has to offer!  There are many new adventures available through novelizations and graphic novels. The novels come in a great compact hardcover, easy to bring along on your own travels! Find some new favorites in our catalog.

“You want spinoffs? I’ll show you spinoffs!” There are two wonderful series that come right from the adventures of “Doctor Who”, following the travels of Captain Jack Harkness (sometimes companion to the  Ninth and Tenth Doctor) and Sarah Jane Smith, a former companion from earlier days of the show. These series are available through us as well! Find Sarah Jane and Captain Jack in “The Sarah Jane Adventures” and “Torchwood”.

Taking a long car ride? Take in the sights of the Universe as a Doctor’s Companion with an audiobook! Many of these titles are read by actors from the series, and a few by The Doctors themselves. Click here to begin searching for new favorites.

Phew! Now that you’ve brought yourself to “Whovian” status yourself, you can pop to the mall for your favorite T-shirt! And all because of your local public library. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for the TARDIS.

~written by Laura Sanscartier


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