Location, location, location


It use to be that the only address we needed to give people was our physical location at 28 Arlington Street in Dracut, Massachusetts. That was before the digital age and the need to have a 24/7 presence. Let’s face it, we don’t live on a 9-5 time table anymore. We want to reserve DVD’s at ten o’clock at night. Or register for a library program long after the librarians have gone home. We want (and sometimes need) to access these services with mobile devices. I’m no exception. I’m never without my smartphone and want the places I frequent to be where ever I am.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that you’ll be seeing a lot more of us. Not only do we have our website but we are becoming more visible on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We plan on using these formats to not only keep you informed about library programs, but to provide you with suggested reading lists, as well as entertainment. Another upgrade you’ll be seeing is our use of QR codes for mobile devices. These special barcodes are made for use with your smart phone. They will bring you to reading lists (did you ever want to know what the second book in a series was?), our event calendar (so you can register right from your phone), as well as our social media outlets. Don’t be afraid to use your smart phone in the library – surprises may await you! And when you’re not in the library, book mark us on your phone. In your pocket or your purse – we are your mobile librarians.


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