Using Overdrive for your ePubs & Audiobooks

Are you getting an getting a Nook, Kindle or iPad for Christmas? Did you know that you can download material for free using your library card? Our Reference staff has put together a quick getting started guide on how to download material using Overdrive. Remember however, that prior to using your device, you must register it with your manufacture (i.e, set up an iTunes account for example if you are using an iPad), prior to attempting to download anything. If you do not have a library card, (Huh? You don’t have a library card?!) – well, you need to come and pay us a visit so we can get you started! If you do have your card and your device, use these quick tips to get started:

Go to

From the tabs at the top:

Click on Books & Media


Click on Digital Downloads

Please remember that not all books are available in Audio or E-Book format. There are usually a limited number of copies available of each title and you may need to go on a waiting list just as you do with the print format. Once you are at the

Overdrive site 

          Go to  Help/Information section (in the column along the left side)

You will need to check to see if your device or the device you are planning on purchasing is compatible   The Quick Start link will answer many of your questions.

      You may need to download free software

The My Help button will take you through the process step-by-step

When searching for material to download, be sure you click on the correct format:

          Audiobooks or eBooks

          You can limit your search to currently available titles

If you have questions on how to use your device go to the appropriate website.  Most e-reader manufacturers have excellent information on their sites.  Of course, the library staff will assist you whenever possible.


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