I spy eBooks!

Did you just get a new Kindle,  Nook or iPad? Are you looking for eBooks from a variety of sources? We invite you to take advantage of Overdrive from MVLC! Think of Overdrive as your virtual library: a free service that allows you to download eBooks 24/7 just like you would if you came to your brink and mortar library.

Of course there are other sources as well. I recently stumbled upon eBookFling billed as the next Netflix for ebooks. Give them both a try and let use know what you think! We’re always interested in sharing sources and sites you have found that are fun, useful and informative!

BookSwim, has launched a new website that it’s calling the “the Netflix for Books” called eBookFling.com. The site lets readers virtually “swap” eBooks using the Kindle and Nook lending features. The service is free and it only takes a second to sign up. Once you sign up, the site asks you to list eBooks in your library that you would like to share, pointing out that “sharing is caring.” You can import from either Kindle or Nook. Then you can browse titles to borrow from other users.


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