The use of the internet by seniors is on the rise. “Over 6 million more seniors are on the internet today compared to 5 years ago”  (CLICK HERE for the full Nielsen report). As time goes on, we can expect that the numbers of users will continue to rise as the baby boomers enter the ranks of ‘seniors’. That means that a new market is slowly emerging for those who may want provide services to this growing group. Enter Good50.

Good50 was created in December of 2009 by Sunmee Huh, a 16 year old high school student. Sunmee and her younger sister Dahlia wished to give their grandfather an easier time when using search engines.  ~ From the Good50 website

Sunmee Huh, creator of Good50

Good50 has a larger search box, zoom features and a high-contrast version for people with low vision. The low vision feature has a black background with white letters – and since this version requires less energy to power than black letters on white (who knew??!!), this version is also environmentally friendly. What’s even better – it’s powered by Google – a search engine they are probably already familiar with.

Try it out – and pass it along to your friends and family! As the world becomes more and more dependent on computers and the internet, it’s important to remember that there are many, who because of age or poor vision, find it difficult to navigate in the cyberspace.  Thanks Sunmee!!


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