History Pin

The digital age has left many over age 50 struggling to catch up. Technology has zoomed by, making a generational divide like never before. The younger generation, who have never known a world without computers, do not understand why using an ATM or loading an iPod is a difficult task for other people. Plugged in and tuned out we are losing our ties to one another.

Enter some folks from the East London. They began to ask the question: “What would you ask one million people to do to change the world?” That question and the thousands of replies that resulted, gave birth to the social action group We Are What We Do. Their newest project aimed at changing the world, involves bridging the generation gap. Historypin brings generations together through photography. Family albums, movies and slide shows have long been a way to gather families together to reminisce. It is that coming together that Historypin is aiming for. Social action #132 is Share a Piece of Your History.

Using Google maps street view mode,  Historypin allows you to up load an old photo and compare then & now. You are able to write a story about your photo,  sharing the names, date and explanation of how that photo came to be. Historypin also has recommended links to guide you on your genealogical journey. This is a super tool for teachers!!


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