Are we Goating U?

Goat Kidnapping Edgar Allan Po(e)

As serious research librarians, we are always looking at sources that can help the Dracut community.  Goat is an organization that aims to address the dangers of petting zoo’s – especially with regards to goats. Did you know, according to the Goat Trauma website, that:

If a child is traumatized by a goat before the age of five, he/she is five times more likely to become a social deviant.

Or that:

In a scientific experiment that seven out of ten goats prefer man-made fibers over natural fibers.

What can you do? According to the folks at you should always remember the following:

  • Never, under any circumstances, turn your back on a goat. This is Rule Number One of Goat Trauma Avoidance!!!
  • Stay alert. Goats are deceitful and can hide just about anywhere.
  • Wearing earth tones in goat-infested areas may offer some protection from goat attack, due their camouflaging abilities.
  • Stay in civilized areas. While there have been reports of roaming urban goats, most attacks by loose goats take place in less populated areas.

No, you just can’t make this stuff up! Personally, not being an expert in goats, I’d suggest you always supervise your children around animals (including dogs). Teach your child to respect all animals – even if they are domestic. Since I’ve witnessed people posing their children in front of bison for that ‘christmas card’ moment,  I would remind folks that wild animals should not be approached. There is a reason we call them wild! And if you go to a petting zoo, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer – better yet, do both!!

Do you want to know more about goats? We have more factual information available and recommend the following:

Fainting goats and other weird mammals by Carmen Bredeson.

The Goat Lady by Jane Bregoli.

Barnyard in your backyard: a beginner’s guide to raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, sheep, and cattle / edited by Gail Damerow.

Storey’s guide to raising dairy goats by Jerry Belanger.



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2 responses to “Are we Goating U?

  1. Ive raised goats in the past and found them to be intelligent,fun loving, and great problem solvers.Thanks for the great info..Keep up the good work!!

    • I do hope that everyone realizes that that website is an internet hoax (I don’t know that I know of many goat that drop down out of trees on unsuspecting humans). I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and hope we are providing information which you find useful. We are always open to topic suggestions!

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