VJ Day

Chances are if you are reading this you probably do not remember VJ Day – (Victory over Japan) – marking the end of World War II. The Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces aboard the USS Missouri on this date in 1945 – an event later celebrated worldwide. You can learn more about World War II and the major events and their effects through both fiction (stories) and non-fiction (factual) accounts. I suggest some of the following:

Non-Fiction (Factual)

Helmet for my pillow by Robert Lackie (a first hand account of one man’s odyssey, from basic training to the raging battles in the Pacific.)

The Zookeeper’s wife : a war story by Diane Ackerman. (Poland during World War II and the Nazi invasion. This reads like a novel but isn’t)

Fiction (stories)

The Cloud Atlas by Liam Callanan. (This is a fictional account about a rare aspect of WWII – paper balloons launched at the United States by Japan loaded with explosives. Yes, these balloons with explosives really happened the story about the soldier did not.  An interesting, touching novel!)

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. (Set on the outermost point of Cape Cod, this is the story of lives woven together by life and war. Put a hold on it – it’s been a hot summer read)

Blackout by Connie Willis. (Yes, I have this on the “What we’re reading” page, but I really loved it! Technically it’s science-fiction but don’t let that turn you off! This is more historical novel than science fiction.  The research was wonderful, the story spell binding.)

Have other suggestions? Let us know!


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