Get Graphic!

Did you know that the Dracut Library has a collection of graphic novels for both Teens and Adults? What’s a graphic novel you ask?  Well in very simple terms think of it as a collection of comic books bound into a book. But it’s really so much more – it’s a story telling art form!!

Graphic novels are often geared to specific age groups. For example Japanese graphics can be geared in three ways:  Shonen manga to young boys, Shojo manga to young girls and Seinen manga to adults – and yes we have all three! Graphic novels can be fiction (a story like  Janet Evanovich’s new graphic novel titled “Troublemaker”) or non-fiction (factual, like “Maus” which addressed the tragedy of the Holocaust or “Barefoot Gen” which told the story of the bombing of Hiroshima).

Graphic novels are also hitting the big screen! “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” was turned into a hit movie in 2003. And two new films based on graphic novels will be released soon: “Green Lantern”, set to release 6/17/2011, and “Scott Pilgrim” which is set to release on August 13, 2010!! (“Scott Pilgrim” stars Michael Cera, from “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” and “Paper Heart”). Read the novel before the movie – you’ll definitely want to know all the dirt the film version will sweep away!!


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