Lakeview Park

Postcard of Lakeview Park Entrance

1910 Muller Carousel

By Alan MacInnes  Special to The Carousel News & Trader

The 1910 Muller carousel that now runs at Forest Park in Queens, NY, was previously operated in Dracut MA, where it was dismantled in 1971. It was located along Lake Mascuppic. The site of the former Lakeview “amusement park” is now a complex of lakeside garden apartments that were built in the 1970s.

Lakeview was not a self-contained park, but rather a collection of attractions on either side of Tyngsboro Road that ran along side the lake. In its final days, this included the carousel, a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a kiddie train. Next to the carousel was a small restaurant called Tony’s. The restaurant building still exists today and is presently called Sunnyside.

When Lakeview Park was in its most active years, trolley lines running from downtown Lowell, and continuing north to Nashua, NH, provided easy access to the park. By automobile, there was not as convenient a route, and this probably contributed to the park’s gradual decline.



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5 responses to “Lakeview Park

  1. Bernie

    It would be nice if we could put up some pictures of this area and start a Lakeview Park web page I do have some post card and pictures, Lets bring the pass back as we remember it as kids.

  2. frank

    Would love to see photos from the old park.

  3. Jen

    I have the old popcorn house as the my foyer of my home. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE PICK OF IT IN ACTION!!!! if anyone has any!

  4. Ricardo Fournier

    I would love to see photos of the old park, I visit a lot when I was a young boy growing up in the area

  5. Roge'

    My recollection of the park from the visits I made in the 60s and 70s…one side of the street had the carousel, then next to the that towards the back was a small kiddie roller coaster, kiddie jet ride, ferris wheel, a circular fast ride called the “RideO” and then the Dodgems (I believe the cars were red). The opposite side of the street(next to the lake) was primarily a kiddie park that had the train (everybody scream when the train went through the dark tunnel), there was also a car ride that had the cars following a center guide, a ride that required you to turn a hand crank to get it to go and the duck pond game. I also vaguely remember this area having a small circular boat ride. If I am not mistaking the blizzard of 78 destroyed the dodgem building, during which the foof caved in

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