Dr. Moses asks…

…do you know where your medical information is coming from??? The newest trend seems to be visiting social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to obtain answers to medical questions. Dr. Moses wants you to beware!

Who was Dr. Moses? Dr. Moses Greeley Parker was a surgeon in the 57th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.  He received personal congratulations from President Lincoln for his outstanding work to improve medical techniques for those wounded in battle. Dr. Moses Greeley Parker worked after the war to provide free medical care for those who could not afford it.

Though he died long before the computer age, we think he probably would have been on the cutting edge of web-based medical information. As his trusted modern day librarians, we would like to point you to some of our favorite medical websites. Of course we must warn, if you are feeling ill you should seek immediate medical care from live medical professionals! Cyber Docs or websites are no substitute for the real thing.

Massachusetts Physicians Profiles

Cleveland Clinic

Merck Manual Medical Library

RxList (medication)

Mental Health.com

National Institute of Mental Health


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