Did you know that…

…Town meeting once chose “dog thumpers” to prevent dogs from fighting during church services? Children from families that had only one footstove used the family dog to keep warm.

~ from “The Photographic History of Dracut, Massachusetts” by Donat H. Paquet with photographs by Peter Bell.

Your vote matters. Go to Town Meeting and let your voice be heard! We may not need “dog thumpers” any more, but the Town does need other vital services, (like the Library!!). The library will close at 6pm on Monday, June 7th, so you won’t have to decide between going to the library or going to Town Meeting.

Daisy says: “If you are having dog problems, the Library staff will happily direct you to books and internet resources to help you train your dog (I strongly discourage thumping!!).  Start by visiting the following websites:

MSPCA – Nevins Farm Dog Training

Humane Society of the United States

Victoria Stillwell – It’s me or the dog!


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