Revolutionary writings

In New England, we live surrounded by history.  Home to the Revolution, home to Presidents – yet somehow we don’t even know what wonderful historical resources are available right under our noses!

Take the library of our second President, John Adams. The John Adam’s Library is housed at The Boston Public Library in the Rare Books & Manuscripts Department.

John Adams’ library is special, not only because it has remained intact to the present day, nor because it was one of the largest personal libraries collected in America during Adams’ lifetime. It is of particular historical importance because hundreds of the books retain a permanent record of John Adams’s intensive and frequent interactions with his library. Adams read with a pen clasped firmly in hand and many of his books – particularly those he read late in life –are filled with passionate commentary and lively dialogues with the authors in the margins.

If you are traveling this summer, check out John Adams Unbound, a traveling gallery exhibit of Adams’s personal library.

John Adams Unbound is a collection of 3,500 books willed by Adams to the people of Massachusetts and deposited in the Boston Public Library in 1894. This remarkable collection of books provides first-hand insight into how John Adams shaped American history and how he was shaped through his lifelong dedication to reading and books.

Can’t travel but want to follow John’s journey? Check out Where in the World is John Adams? You can also follow John Adams on Facebook and Twitter! Yes,  even John Adams has joined the cyber-revolution!


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